Tips when going to Rosehill Parks in New South Wales

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Biplane Park

Biplane Park is located opposite Rosehill Public School, and within easy walking distance to Rosehill train station. Street parking is available, but is not always available.

Biplane Park’s main attraction is the play equipment in biplane shape. The runway is a nice touch!

The park is small, and only half of it has play equipment. The other half of the park is grassed and has a path that runs around it, which is popular with walkers. A small park bench and picnic shelter are also available.

John Irving Park

John Irving, Australia’s first emancipated convict, made Parramatta his home. He was born in 1760. He arrived in Australia in the convict ship Lady Penrhyn on 26 January 1788. In 1784, he was convicted in England of larceny and sentenced to seven years imprisonment. Irving was a medical student and it is clear from the literature that he was recommended to help surgeons during his journey to Australia. Irving was immediately employed upon his arrival at Port Jackson to help the hospital surgeon. Governor Arthur Phillip made him Assistant Surgeon for Norfolk Island on 28 February 1790. John Irving was the first convict to be freed after his sentence was overturned.

His memory lives on through the namings of Irving Street, North Parramatta, and the John Irving Park community gardening in Harris Park. Irving’s original land grant houses suburban plots, sections of James Ruse Drive, Victoria Road and possibly even up to the border of the University of Western Sydney’s historic female orphan school.

The Alfred St stop at Eleanor St station is the closest to John Irving Park Community Garden in Rosehill. It is 26 minutes walk from Rosehill’s nearest ferry station. The nearest station to John Irving Park Community Garden is Parramatta Wharf Station.

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