Silverwater’s Best Activities in NSW

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Silverwater is 15 km west of Sydney’s central business district, on the southern bank of Parramatta River in the City of Parramatta local government area.

It is not known where the name of the suburb came from. It could be a reference the nearby Parramatta River, which could have provided silver reflections off the water. This name was given when the Newington Estate was subdivided in 1883. Parallel industrial and residential development occurred. The area was first included in the Borough of Auburn, then the City of Auburn. It was abolished in 2016.

Because of its easy accessibility to the suburb by road (east to west on Parramatta Road, north-south along the A6 arterial road), and water on Parramatta River, significant parts of the suburb were converted to industrial land in the 20th century. A portion of the former industrial land was redeveloped as waterfront parksland or commercial offices. The Silverwater Correctional Complex opened in 1970. It now occupies large portions of the suburb.

There are many small and medium businesses in Silverwater attracted by the warehouse space and sales areas within one industrial unit. Because of its central Sydney location, it has many companies that have been in business here for more than 50 years. The area is home to a number of large companies. Whilst the suburb was initially developed as a medium/heavy industrial area, it has been redeveloped into a premier light industrial/commercial district with some pockets of residential dwellings.

Silverwater is home to a few small cafes and restaurants. Red Yard is located just south of Silverwater, which has many commercial and restaurant buildings.

Silverwater is bordered by the M4 Western Motorway. It has exit and entry ramps that lead to Silverwater Road. Silverwater Bridge spans the Parramatta River, extending north to Rydalmere and Ermington.

Silverwater is served by many bus services, including routes to Parramatta, Ryde, Auburn, Strathfield and Sydney Olympic Park.

Silverwater NSW has quiet residential areas with a variety of housing options, including townhouses, apartments, and freestanding homes. There is some gentrification taking place with new boutique developments and knock down re-builds. Recent developments include essential retail spaces such as cafes, hairdressers, and other necessities. There are many parks, including one that allows dogs to be off-leash. There are many families and a variety of cultures.

It is easy to get anywhere in Sydney from any location, as it is near the M4 and Homebush Bay Drive.

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