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Tennyson Point, NSW, located 10 km west of Sydney’s central business district in the City of Ryde local government area.

Tennyson Point is located on the Parramatta River’s northern bank on a peninsula between Morrisons Bay & Glades Bay. The original name of the suburb was Tennyson. It was then renamed Tennyson Point in 2001 by the Geographical Names Board of New South Wales.

Tennyson Point takes its name form the Tennyson Estate named after Alfred Tennyson. It was subdivided 1887.

All the land in the present suburb belonged to James Squire’s daughters Mary Ann Farnell (brewer) and Thomas Charles Farnell (brewer) in 1820. James Squire Farnell was the first Australian-born premier of New South Wales.

Tennyson Point had 1,219 residents in the 2016 Census, with 66% Australian-born.

The suburb consists of 10 streets. It is bordered on the west by Morrisons Bay, by Glades Bay on the east and on the north by Morrison Road. Parramatta River forms the southern boundary. Morrison Road, and Morrisons Bay were named after Archibald Morrison who was a member the New South Wales Corps. He was granted land in 1795 to the west of Tennyson Point. Glades Bay is named after John Glade, an early landholder in the area.

Tennyson Point was initially part of William Raven’s land grant. He was a merchant and master mariner who, in 1792, sailed to New South Wales as captain and part-owner of the Britannia. He was granted 100 acres (40 ha) at Eastern Farms in 1795. He was granted 285 acres (115 ha) more in 1799, just north of the present Tennyson Point. Raven Point, the tip of the peninsula is named in his honour.

Although the majority of the suburb is residential, there is a rich industrial history. Morrisons Bay was the location where a furniture manufacturer received permission to do reclamation work. Tennyson Textiles purchased the factory in 1946. The factory grew on the site and employed 160 people by 1958. As industrial sites along the Parramatta River closed in the 1960s, residents and councils sought additional land to be used for the public. Tennyson Textiles was one of those companies that the council actively participated in discussions with. The river frontage, which included the majority of the reclaimed ground, was eventually made a public park. To recoup some council costs, the rest was converted into townhouses.

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